What tattoos are most popular?

Here are some interesting facts about the Tattoo Culture:

About 25% of the population in the U.S. has tattoos, and almost one in 10 has pierced ears.

The average length of a modern tattoo is 14 inches.

The average age of a tattoo artist is 41 years old.

According to a study by the National Science Foundation (NSF), a tattoo is a type of “artwork that has a story.”

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“Why don’t you have anything to drink?” Is an expression that can be used in a sarcastic manner to respond to someone else’s question as an expression of disappointment or displeasure in some way. It can be typically attributed to the film The Thing, which focuses on an underground scientific lab called the Creature, where “the Thing” (played by a man known only by his nickname John Doe) studies human biological systems and processes.


The phrase has been frequently referenced by fans of the film over the years (shown below, left). On January 22nd, 2008, the American humor site Uproxx listed the film as being “the most successful horror film of all time” in comparison to other horror movies, citing “its lack of any real scares in a genre known as slashers.” On October 21st, 2009, the video games site Gamestop featured a “How to Play It” video tutorial video starring The Thing, in which players find it in its lair. On May 4th, 2011, YouTuber Noktor uploaded a video review of the film titled “The Thing: The End”, in which he compares several of the film’s characters to the Thing (shown below, bottom). The same day, Redditor lollipop917 submitted a post titled “The Thing: What do I need to drink?” titled “What are the most ridiculous questions you will face while playing it?” to the /r/jokes subreddit, garnering over 3,100 up votes and 1,900 comments within the first three years (shown below, right).


As of May 2012, the phrase “The Thing can’t talk right now” has received 8,700