What the Bible says about divorce?

There isn’t a single Bible verse in which the Bible clearly states that a couple is to be separated.

The Bible says that divorce is a sin (Romans 7:19). But God isn’t one to let a spouse go on a rampage if he can avoid it. He lets people separate only when it is truly sinful.

The Bible says that marital relations should be maintained as long as this marriage is living (Genesis 2:24). But God tells His people to separate only if their marriage becomes sinful: “The husband should give unto his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise also the wife unto her husband; and likewise also the husband to his wife.”(1 Corinthians 7:2)

The Bible makes no provision for either party to simply get with the program, although He says that “it is better for them that one should depart than that both of them should stay together” (Exodus 20:16) and “there shall be no strife, nor jealousy, nor anger, nor guile, between father and mother” (Judges 19:6).

So, according to scripture, divorce is not allowed if a couple has a holy marriage.
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Why is divorce not OK?

Some Christians argue that because God said that a marriage is a union of one man and one woman, it ought to be an eternal, lifelong union.

For this to be true, it must be forever, which has never actually been the case.

Many Christian pastors would argue that a couple must first be made to submit to the will of God in order to remain married for eternity. This is sometimes referred to as “divorce on demand,” and may even include separation if a couple is so unhappy at the point of divorce that they can’t live together anymore. It is more like “separation of the saints” than perpetual marriage.

It is also argued, however, that a marriage can be sanctified by God’s grace only in relation to God, and that in order to continue having one you must repent of your sin. It’s only by keeping your sin to a minimum that God will forgive your sin and allow you to keep your marriage.

Why does the Bible say we must be separated if it is sinful?

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