What the Bible says about divorce?

1. The Bible gives very little guidance here on divorce:

1. “But if there is any dispute, let the wife go with her husband to the elders of the congregation, and the husband shall judge between them: if the wife does not agree, let her go [to the elders, but she cannot get out if there is only a minor dispute]”; Judges 19:7; 20:2 (KJV).

2. The Bible says no one gets a divorce except for adultery, incest, desertion, and wilful wilful negligence. The word for adultery is “abominations”; the word for incest in Exodus 25:1-9 also means a violation of the husband-wife taboo: “Now when the older man saw that the younger man was unfaithful, then the man drew his sword, and slew him…” Exodus 25:16; 26:15 (KJV).

3. In other cases, there is no specific authority for a particular biblical law that could be ignored. For example, one biblical passage says:

“If your brother commits a theft, go kill the thief without hurting him…But if he has not committed theft, and you catch him doing an indecent act; you shall stone him to death…” Exodus 21:9(KJV).

4. This is especially true when the brother is not guilty of any violation of the law, but rather merely has fallen off a ladder and injured himself. So far as I know there can be no command to kill as the penalty for a fall.

5. The Bible gives no general guidance on divorce, although it does say God could bless or revoke it by His will: “But if he will not listen to you, but goes his way, leave him…Wherever you die, your wife shall go” Genesis 37:21, 23(KJV).
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6. As I have shown in a previous essay, one of the key themes of the Bible is that marriage was given to Adam and Eve. One of their chief purposes was to prepare for the coming of Christ. But why? Why make a covenant which was to bind them but which would break them? This brings to mind the famous Hebrew saying: “If your brother is doing more with a woman than you and she commits adultery with another man, are you bound?” Deuteronomy 23:12(KJV).

There’s another Biblical verse:

“If a man also lie carnally with another