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First, a quick recap. If a marriage is not dissolved in a reasonable matter of months, and then the spouses have not moved out (or, if the spouses are married, have not divorced from him or her), the marriage can be dissolved as soon as one spouse files for divorce.

Marriage, or the formalization of a marriage under God’s law, is for life. Even an informal or invalid marriage is, in God’s law, dissolved at death by the law of God unless the Lord declares otherwise. (Leviticus 20:14–18; 22:18; Leviticus 25:11–13.)

Divorce is when a man has sex with a man (or vice versa), and at some point has a relationship with more than one woman at the same time. The person committing the adultery is usually the husband’s husband. However, in some cases the person committing the adultery is the wife (if she goes out with another man or other men, or if the husband is a former convert).

In the case of adultery, the person against whom adultery is committed must leave the church, or the church must dissolve and all its faithful members must be excommunicated.

In other words, divorce is a civil legal action on which both parties are equally liable.

Why is it OK to divorce?

If, in your mind’s eye, you see a situation which should have caused you trouble, or you’re unsure what might cause trouble, or if you think you’ve made wrong choices, or if you are tired of the situation, or if it sounds like you’ve lost a partner or you want a step-parent, or you want a job change and haven’t found one to work in your area, or if you’re worried that some one you love is going to leave you, there’s no way around it: you need to seek the advice of a competent professional marriage counselor.

That’s because if you’ve made a bad choice — that is, if your decisions about life could lead to a bad outcome, or maybe two bad outcomes. The way you got there is up to you. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go down that road.

For instance: If you’ve been divorced, because you both have bad credit history and the money you were making from a good job, you may not be able to pay the bills or move out for a while. If you’ve been divorced and the children have moved out

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