Where can I find tattoo designs? – Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs

The following is a list of tattoo shops:


Bartel’s Tattoo Gallery

Bartel’s Tattoo Gallery (South Brisbane)

Bartel’s Tattoo Gallery (North Brisbane)


Cave Tattoo

Cave Tattoo (Southport)


Diamonds Tattoo

Diamonds Tattoo Gallery

Diamonds Tattoo Gallery (North Queensland)



Galerie Elisabeth

Galerie Elisabeth (Mt Isa)

Gord Downey

Gregory & Gregory

Gregory & Gregory (Pakenham/South Brisbane)

Gregory & Gregory (Southport)

J.L. Flemming

Jerome, David

Jerome, David’s Contemporary Art

Jeremiah Flemming

Michele Dang, Jerome

Nicholas Flemming


North Queensland



Sebastian’s Contemporary Art

Silver & Gold Tattoo

Silver & Gold Tattoo (Mt Isa)

28 Symbolic Tribal Tattoos

Sins Tattoo

Sins Tattoo Gallery (North Queensland)


Tate & Co.



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