Where can I find tattoo designs?

We have hundreds of tattoos designs throughout the world. Most of us are tattoo artists.

I started my career in tattooing with the intention of helping people. However, today I am working as an activist. I often speak about the injustice of animal cruelty on the international stage.

In order to stay informed about the animal rights situation abroad and to spread the message to other tattoo artists, I run the Animal Liberation Project where I educate and promote the message of animal rights. I work day and night with friends to create a database of animal rights information.

I created this database in 2007 in order to bring awareness of animal cruelty to the tattoo culture community. I also use this database for other purposes, and I have created a list of the animal friendly tattoo shops in New York.

Animal Liberation Project website

Animal Liberation Project: website

I currently have a booth at the International Animal Rights Conference in Europe, and I was named one of the most inspirational tattoo artists in 2014 in my native Japan.

A lot of people who have tattoos have no idea who I am or why they have been tattooed. You should go to my website www.animal-liberation-project.org to find out more about animal liberation and our worldwide effort to end animal cruelty.

I have been honored to be recognized in international magazines and websites as one of the most influential tattoo artists.

Thank you for your time and I hope our conversation has been helpful to you. My name is Alex Pfeiffer.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this story. As the most important animal rights issue of our time, it is vital that we speak out. To learn more about the project visit Animal Liberation Project Website.

For more information and to check out the book which features my artwork, visit www.Animal Liberation Project.org and Animal Liberation Project Book Store

You can also visit me on Facebook at “[email protected]” or on Twitter from @animal_labor

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Thanks for your time.

Alex Pfeiffer

I don’t think there’s a single good way to make an art, but I do believe in making art that is interesting, that can be enjoyed by everyone.

My favourite artists have always been the most creative in both how they put their images into their images and with how they approach the image.

I like to think of it as the artist’s way of