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Although there have been many theories as to who first created the modern form of tattooing, it is generally believed that one such person was tattoo pioneer, artist and writer Peter Stahl (1924-2001). As with many other tattoo artisans, Stahl had the inspiration to use a needle to tattoo his subjects as a sign of his own cultural identity, and as a symbol of the importance of body image in the society he found in a New York City street. Although Stahl is often credited with coming up with the first tattoo, some sources suggest that it was a group of fellow immigrant immigrants that originally created it, and the idea was then taken up and popularized from there. For more information about Stahl’s early work, check out our book on American tattoo art and history from the 1890s to the ’80s.

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The camera crew was there to film Google engineer Michael Niehaus for a Google+ Live video chat, but that didn’t happen because the security guard in the corner had a “virus” and was unable to let them inside. Niehaus told the guy they were out of camera shot and would use the remaining 10 seconds to talk to someone at Google. The guard allowed them in anyway, and the rest of the cameramen in the video were able to record the interaction.

The full video is below:

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