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The term tattoo comes from the French word tattooe, which means “to scratch.” During the French Revolution in the late 18th century, French soldiers were forbidden to wear any type of body ink, and the practice of tattooing as an expression of their anger became popular. Since the end of the 1800s, both men and women have been seen wearing body art.

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From the moment of his election last year, President Barack Obama has said he is willing to talk with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on the sidelines of the presidential debates.

He has even suggested that it might be possible for him to hold forth while holding a microphone, if Romney does not want to talk first.

After the debates, both campaigns have signaled that if there is an invitation, then a candidate would not be expected to come on stage. Romney has been adamant about denying an invitation to Obama.

On Wednesday night, he wrote on Facebook: “I will gladly discuss any of the issues that bring America together — the challenges and concerns of middle-class families; jobs and the economy; national defense; energy and the environment; and health care reform.”

The next day, in an interview with Howard Stern’s radio show, he also said, “I’m not trying to be rude. There have been many times I’ve asked questions about the process, but I’m never going to be disrespectful.”

Obama also has been clear that Romney would have to answer his questions, and the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has refused to do so.

What would he say, if he was going to speak, about Obama’s signature stimulus proposal, he has asked on Twitter? How would he explain the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage to a gay citizen or his administration’s response to the terrorist attacks in Benghazi and Cairo?

The White House hasn’t provided examples or explanations. The same goes, for example, with Obama’s decision to speak to the American Association of Retired Persons, whose annual conference he attended.

There are no hard facts to suggest what Romney — or any other candidate — would say if they knew that the president would be available to speak, if asked.

There are no hard facts to suggest what Mitt Romney, Obama, Sen. John McCain, former President George W. Bush, Sen. John Edwards, former Gov. Jeb Bush, ex-Gov. Bob McDonnell, and current Gov. Martin O’Malley, if they knew that President Obama would be available if asked. There are

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