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On May 11, 2014, Marine Corps veteran David Stoner said on Facebook “What I have come to learn through researching this is that the word “military tattoo” is actually slang term for military tattooing. In my understanding of the Marines, and all branches of all branches of this military, it means tattooing as opposed to military decoration or medal.”

Stoner goes on to say “To the people who ask me what I did all day or what I did for my tattoos, a military tattoo is more than just a tattoo. It has helped keep me safe from harm, helped me fight my mental illness, and helped me heal from the physical injuries I received growing up.”

How did tattoos get in the military?

In the last 25 years many soldiers have sought out military tattoos for their own unique reasons. During World War II, soldiers sought a way to identify them as part of the armed forces. Today, soldiers have gone to the same lengths to express themselves within the context of military culture. The majority of the tattoos are done by men with tattoos to reflect their service in the military.

When was the first ink used for tattoos?

A tattoo used for military ink dates back to the mid-1980s, when the American military began using the ink to commemorate the wars in Vietnam and Iraq. In the early days of tattooing a Marine was not eligible to take part in the ceremonies. This led to the popularity of tattooing in the military.

What are the differences?

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In military tattoos, there are different levels and types of tattoos. The most basic tattoo has nothing to do with combat duty or physical appearance (i.e. a tattoo like a Marine without a tattoo of a flag or an AOC insignia. All Marines in all branches of the United States Military are required to have at least one tattoo, regardless of size, design, or type.

One of the greatest differences between military tattoos and tattoos of the civilian world are the amount of ink being used. Military tattoos are usually done on the back, and in fact, the first Marine tattoo was done on the back of the Marine. Even today Marines in the military often use tattoos on their backs. The term tattoo does not describe the kind of ink used for marine tattooing.

A tattoo artist can easily determine what kind of ink he has to work with based on the design and meaning of the ink. In fact, most military tattoo artists only use military-grade, professional-grade

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