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While there isn’t a definitive cause and effect here with regards to belly fat burning (besides all these reasons), there is a strong anecdotal evidence from people who have been experiencing this for years that if a person keeps working in certain areas for a prolonged period of time, they could actually burn off the belly fat they were already gaining. While this anecdotal evidence is definitely anecdotal in nature, a more thorough study on the subject appears to be warranted.

One study that looked directly at the subject and not just an anecdotal case that comes from someone’s recollection of feeling this burn was a study on twins who had very similar weight loss patterns but two very distinct body fat percentages. The study involved twins who were split in half on their percentage of total body fat and were split into two groups, one of which continued to eat at a relatively high fat content and the other group ate a low fat diet. While there were no significant differences in any parameters (including physical activity or energy expenditure), a significant drop in their resting energy expenditure (about 40-50%) and fat mass during the two weeks prior to the study in both groups indicated that these two groups were having significant reductions in the amount of fat that was being lost.

If you want to give a hard hard look at what’s likely having been happening is that the lower fat group is actually eating a significantly larger amount of calories than the higher fat group when calories aren’t taken into consideration. This is a major consideration due to the fact that the higher fat dieters didn’t have to deal with having to eat the same amount of calories the lower fat group did.

Another study looked at the effects of high intensity and short duration workouts. The researchers gave the subjects a high intensity (30 minutes for 5 days) and a low intensity (15 minutes for 12 days) exercise protocol. On average the participants who completed the high intensity group ate an average of 40% more calories than the subjects who performed the low intensity group. The average fat burned during the long duration group was about 30% less than the long duration group after an average of 15 minutes versus 30 minutes of high intensity, but the authors of the study concluded that there was no significant difference in fat loss when performing each type of workouts.

Another study was made on endurance training in middle-aged and older people and compared the fat loss between the two groups. In this study, subjects who performed high intensity exercise for an extended period of time had far more fat burned than the lower intensity exercise group. The mean amount

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