Is belly dancing allowed in Islam? – Traditional Belly Dancer Outfit

The answer is, it depends on where you are living in the world.

It is not obligatory to use belly dancing; it is just a sign of piety and it is not an obstacle towards the afterlife.

In the case that your Imam agrees, the dance is not prohibited, but the practice takes place in the family home that has been established as part of the Shari’a. There is a possibility for those in that family group living together as a family to practice a couple’s intimate dance, the Imam giving permission. This practice should not be viewed as an opportunity to go anywhere else or start drinking or smoking, although it’s okay for men to sit with their wives in the presence of their husbands, and it is not necessarily forbidden on the street.

But if your husband is Muslim, and your husband is a stranger to you, belly dancing is forbidden and would be considered a violation and would lead to possible punishment.

I did a little bit of research, found some Islamic websites, and asked my cousin what he thought. His opinion is that belly dancing should be discouraged by the Islamic community. What does my opinion differ from? He is afraid of the wrath of Allah.

My cousin has made what he believes is an excellent, educated and logical statement. He fears that the punishment for the use of belly dancing will be severe. This is not fair and just.

I’m trying to make sure people are aware of the possible consequences of belly dancing before they go out. It may not be in your immediate surroundings, but there are some places where belly dancing is allowed, and there are some places where it is forbidden. If you’re a regular belly dancer, I hope that your Imam will agree that the practice of belly dancing should be avoided.

I know that the Prophet, sall ALLAahu alayhi wa sallam, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, prohibited the practice of belly dancing, so I’m curious just how this idea originated.

In response to a question from a Muslim man on Q&A, I was told the above information by Mufti Abu Mansur al-Makkii (may Allah have mercy on him). He added that it may be a reason for the Prophet to have forbidden body-rubbing, to warn them about the punishment that might result if somebody gets wet with someone else.

Some scholars have also said it should be forbidden. This is an interesting point, given that women are

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