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Belly spinning and other belly dancing religions have their own beliefs, beliefs that are not shared with other belly dancing religions. These beliefs range from the belief that belly dancers are only able to move like a belly dancer, to the belief that they only have one “right” way to dance and that no other way can properly express “who they are” and that they need to control other people. This also creates a false sense of security to the woman that when one of her partner gets hurt in the dance she is not to blame or that she is alone in her pain and the pain is just an accident.

The fact of the matter is that these beliefs are not true or only to a certain extent. These beliefs are common and so common that people may believe them in order to protect themselves or control other people, such as being afraid to get hurt in a dance for fear of not being taken to the right place by a partner. People’s perceptions are often distorted and this makes them vulnerable when going to see a doctor.
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Does belly dancing hurt my waist? What are the dangers associated with belly dancing?

The benefits of belly dancing are great both physically and mentally, so it has been speculated that it may be good for improving and sustaining one’s strength and health. However, this is an opinion only based on those who use the belly dancers as a means of balancing weight in their daily lives. People who use belly dancers for exercise will experience benefits associated with exercising. It seems this is more a common belief rather than true though at this time we don’t have any information to support this.

Why would a doctor give you medical treatments for these injuries?

People get hurt in belly dancing but it is important to remember these injuries are not caused by the way they are being done when one does the thing that is done wrong. It is not the way that body is being held by another body, but that does not mean that body is an object to be manipulated in a way that causes harm to body or other. The injury is something that might occur to a person in the middle of doing someone else’s work, or someone else’s part of the body, without their personal consent. This is true just like it is true that a teacher is not allowed to hold his class member’s hands. This should be done in a healthy and safe environment but the problem arises from those people who are willing or unable to recognize this and have their personal needs and wants not being met. It can be difficult to say

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