What is the dance called when you move your feet? – Shakira Belly Dancing Pictures

JACKSON – I think that it’s a lot more complicated than that. The first dance of the day. I’ll teach you the basic steps of the dance, which is a lot more complicated, but it’s just a short dance. I’ll show you how to do the steps. If you’ve ever studied the basics of dance, this will be a step by step lesson as much as a full dance.

JULIA – Have you ever danced one of these dances in your life, or what is the best one that you’ve seen?

JACKSON – If you’ll watch this, you’ll realize that when I went to the dance, it was the most amazing dance I’ve ever seen. It was so much fun when I danced it.

JULIA – That’s wonderful. What kind of dances are you known for?

JACKSON – I do dance routines with all kinds of different kinds of people. I was once in a ballroom group in Atlanta with two girls who were doing an all-female all-female dance routine. They were so good, we went around the arena, dancing to them. I went to that all-female dance and saw how amazing they were dancing to it with their dancing shoes on, their feet moving all over the floor, and their hands at least a yard off the floor and their heads above the dancers.

JULIA – When you dance, do you do a variety or is it just one kind of dance…

JACKSON – Variety is for dancing babies. It is also for just standing there and enjoying all kinds of different dances. There are all sorts of people who like to get their body moving. There are all kinds of people in their careers. Just like everybody else, it would be great to be able to get a great dance with the greatest dancer that they could possibly find.

JULIA – How many people teach you?

JACKSON – I would say three-quarters of the people that know me or see me dancing.

JULIA – So that’s a small percentage of the teachers in the world who know you or see you dancing.

JACKSON – I’m happy that I can tell them that I’m having fun at dance lessons or going to dance classes.

JULIA – How long have you been dancing?

JACKSON – I’ve been doing dance lessons since I was 16, which is kind of crazy

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