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I get people who like the new dance moves. Sometimes they don’t like what I’m doing. It’s kind of like, it’s not so different from my way. I’m just trying to get people to dance.

Do you feel differently about it now than you did?

Yeah, definitely. I mean, there is going to be different people that are going to judge it, so I’m not saying it’s not cool to dance. I’m saying it’s not something that is done for you to have a good time. You should be able to dance in front of people and just have fun.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Gaga gave a glimpse into how this new wave of dancers is developing. And the video she shared featured two young men, both sporting red wigs, doing an extended version of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” the iconic American anthem, and even giving a tour of the dance moves. We asked Gaga about who she thinks will get to be the next generation.

“It’s a whole new generation of people taking the music to something that’s just so much more positive for an era that could be so negative for so many reasons,” Gaga says. “I think that people are just finding some ways to let off some steam.”

How has your approach to choreographing gotten better?

I love making things dance. I learned that a long time ago. I had always been good at making things dance, so just to have the opportunity to see that evolve is so cool … I learned so much dancing when I was just a kid, and for me, it comes from just wanting to express myself and let people hear me, and see me, and dance. I don’t know, it just makes me happy.

Why do you think this new wave of hip-hop dancers is so amazing?

I don’t know, I mean I hope people go down there and enjoy the experience. It’s definitely a new generation, and, I think, new people that are doing it because of these emotions. And I’m just happy to see how people are responding.

Why did you chose to go with the red wigs? Was it simply because of the American flag?

You know, I remember when I had done the red hair and all that and had taken it to the States for Super Bowl I was thinking that this was something that wasn’t like being white. And I thought maybe people would think I was

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