Who created hip hop? – Belly Dancing History

When did the hip hop sound get that loud?

Why does hip hop get so much attention and so much heat?

How do you explain the massive attention and popularity hip hop has?

How did the style get so controversial?

What is “hardcore”?

What do you mean by “bitch-ass”?

What does “hip hop” mean to hip hop’s producers?

Is hip hop hip?

What is “hip hop” supposed to be?

Who is responsible for hip hop?

How is hip hop an art form?

How did hip hop get this way?

Who are “hardcore rappers”?

When did hip hop start being so “hard”?

Who came up with the term “hip-hop”?

Why do these rappers act the way they act?

What’s the difference between hip hop and “rap”?

What’s wrong with “rap”?

What does the “rap” thing have to do with hip hop?

Who makes “rap music”?

What should you expect from a “rap artist”?

Why do you hate hard rap?

What are “rap” and how do you define it?

Why are “rap” DJs and why are they in the DJ booth?

How is hard pop “rap”?

When do “rap” and hard pop come together?

Who is the original “rap”?

How did hip hop get hip?

Why is “hip hop” so big?

How do you define “hip-hop” and “music”?

What is “hip hop”?

When was hip hop first created?

What’s so great about hip hop?

How did hip hop become so big?

How did hip hop get so big?

Who are the pioneers?

Who is the “biggest hip hop head” right now?

What “hip hop” is actually about?

What is “hip hop” supposed to be?

Who has the greatest claim to “hip hop” fame, and by a lot?

Who’s behind the scenes?

Who is the origin of “hipHop”?

What other forms of “rap”?

Can you explain a little more about rap?

What is “hip hop” supposed to sound like?


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