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This is one fact to check when you’re looking for an internship. Do they work in companies you know about? Do they have regular hours? Do they have to work a regular schedule? If they’re not working at a company with a regular work schedule, it’s not clear that they’re flappers.

Is there a lot of work at the job?

Many flappers aren’t even working, if all they have is a couch and computer that they can use for studying.

Is the company large or small?

There are also lots of factors that determine hiring and firing at a company. Is the company famous (i.e. they’ve been in the news previously)? Is the company well established? Is there a “cool factor” (i.e. cool logo, popular drink?). Does the company have lots of people on staff? All of these things affect your chance of getting hired.

What’s the company’s policy on flappers?

What you’ll find out by talking to flappers is that there are different laws pertaining to them. Generally (there are exceptions) the law says that they’re not employees. If you’re a lawyer and you get a call (from a young worker) asking you if you have a word with the company because you know something is wrong, don’t be afraid to call up, talk to them, and be transparent.

What are other companies doing to help young flappers?

Some companies will pay you for your time! If a young flapper is having trouble finding a job, but they can’t afford to pay you, they can put you in contact with friends and family who can help.

Other companies may offer scholarships for the student who’s having trouble finding the right internship.

If your employer won’t help you (or they pay you too little), take advantage of a college internship! Many college internship programs won’t say no to students on the basis of age, however your job situation could be a factor in taking advantage of a college program. Make sure that you look up the school to see if there’s a specific scholarship that’s being offered. You can also ask the college if you have any other resources for you.

Have you talked to other flappers about what makes them happy? Which kinds of opportunities they’d like to work on? How is the internship working out for you?

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