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Well, red was the number one color throughout the 70s and 80s. Yellow was not popular, mostly due to the fact that you needed a yellow phone (the most likely color) and a pink one (the least likely). Black, though, is another colour that is very popular with people, though, and people in the 70s had black phones as well as many other colours too.

So yes, it was popular for lots of different reasons, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now, we have a more complete answer on the color preference of the 90s.

The color preference of the 90s

Okay, so the 90s was an era where everything was blue, even food. Here’s what the poll asked respondents to say about their color preference.

How did you like your colors back in the 70’s?

In terms of what was popular in the 70s, red came out on top. There were a lot of different choices about what colors would be popular, and people had a wide variety of choices:





Dazzle Orange


It might seem like there was a lot of variety in the 70s, but people generally kept it in mind. As the internet grows and expands, people get to know lots of new colours, and the internet is full of things to enjoy, and therefore, people tend to have more variety than people with just knowledge of colors. Also, people with a limited palate also try to add colors to their own palettes. For example, if you look at a picture of the 60s, you will notice that the people depicted in that picture, especially the women, used bright red as their color of choice, but the people depicted in real life usually only used blue or green. So in real life, the women in the 70s might have been the ones who chose red.

Now, as the internet is growing and expands its color options, people also tend to broaden their palette and try out new colors and try out different shades of them. And since the internet is full of information — and also, in modern society, we have a much wider array of information than we had 100 years ago — people tend to explore their palettes, as well as experiment with new colors. Also, people with a limited palette tend to try to add colors to their own palettes in order to be different and unique and different. For example, a woman

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