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I spent some years watching TV and reading about men’s clothing in the 1920s. 
I noticed that, especially for men of color, almost every fashion movement that took place over the last thirty years has emphasized the “urban” aesthetic to some degree. The 1920s was when many of the great American designers began making clothes for people who were either unemployed or working from home. The clothes were also a celebration of male sexuality , meaning that they were made for, and for the men who wanted to be with, men. That is to say, the clothes were sexy and made for men like men were made for, that has been the dominant aesthetic ever since. 

The 1920s also coincided with the rise of women’s fashion on the men’s side. In my home town, men’s fashion tended to be a bit more “serious”, and in some cases, a bit “masculine,” though women were able to work with that.
Many of the clothing styles of the 1920s in general have been lost to us because they were so far gone from the original inspiration, but we can learn much about what was out there by looking at what a few guys at the time had on hand. 
In the photo below, I have shown a men’s t-shirt in my possession.  It is labeled “Tailored Sleeve Trousers”; I bought this shirt for $5 at the mall. It is a white cotton T-shirt with a slim black collar, white undershirt, and black stripes that run the center front. A black “F” shape button is sewn to the front left side, and on the center back is a small “T” shaped button. On the back is a black double breasted button with white piping and a black stripe. The front of the shirt has the same pattern as the front and back of black jeans, and I believe it also has a black button-down collar. For the waist, I have worn black skinny jean and white t-shirt pants. The sleeves, however, are all black.  I have also shown above a men’s men’s leather jacket. It is called a “Permanent” men’s leather jacket. I guess this is the black version of the 1920s leather jacket. I really like these, but I would be much looser in the leathers, and not so thick as I normally am. (This is the version of them that I have seen.) So, my jacket is black with a white

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