What did real flappers wear? – Flapper Dress Costume Pink

These women’s fashion shows are in no way associated with any specific culture. They are just an interesting way of showing their culture to other young women. It goes very much against what a lot of people expect us to wear. So it’s pretty exciting for me!

The flappers dress really conservatively. They usually wear a shirt, pants and shoes that aren’t too large or too small or too long or too short. They also make sure they look “in the public eye”.

You can read more about the flappers flapper fashion shows in this post (which includes more pictures of them) from the flapper site www.vogue.com. There is also a whole Wikipedia page on them which you can check out at Vogue’s Flappers Page.

The women also don’t follow the same fashion trends in the UK as with the US or in other countries. So you won’t see many “fashion forward” looks either. It still remains a bit unusual though for the US.

How do you feel about women dressed in red dresses and skirts, or flappers – dresses with feathers or “bird” prints – with long or short sleeves?

The flappers dress looks amazing. It does look very different from the American wear. And the whole red dress is really exciting.

It’s a beautiful choice!

Are you planning to wear a red dress?

Yes, I actually do plan to wear a red dress! Actually I just went to a friend’s house in France and met some very lovely people. They were a group of red dresses. I just want to say that I have no interest in doing red dresses. But I would like to keep doing what I am doing, showing my style to people.

I am doing fine now!

But don’t get too attached to the colour of your dress – I have been told that some of the men I have shown at the flapper shows think red dresses are a bit weird. If you can find some colours of your own you can then change them in the future. 🙂

Does your dress have a name?

My dress has a name. It’s called Mardi Gluck. It’s from a dress designer in France who I admired a long long time ago. And I’m just saying it out loud now!
Unique Vintage Plus Size 1920s Deco Red & Black Veronique ...

Is it easier to dress the way you do now than it was 20 years ago?

Yes. I am happier doing what I like now

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