What do you wear to a Great Gatsby party? – Flapper Dresses For Women Long

I think it depends on your vibe/style. I tend to wear a very sexy black suit and a white blouse or blouse + jacket (I usually wear it over my white blouse). I wear a very tight tailored blouse paired with a small fitted skirt or a short white dress. If you want to walk around in a skirt/slouchy skirt it is a little more important to wear a short blouse which has a cute little hem that is slightly to the side.

Do you get bored? Yes of course. I do get bored! But there is a few things I love:

The thrill of a great book at the same time. It’s something that most people forget. As I mentioned earlier there’s so much to read that when someone gives you a great recommendation it sends your heart soaring and so you want to read that book again and again. I have a lot of books to read! I love finding new books, reading the classics (I know I don’t, at least for now).

The thrill of doing something you hate doing but you love because you have to. Like writing a really shitty screenplay. Or reading the wrong book. I have to admit, reading a terrible novel that I love and have been so obsessed with can be a little depressing. It’s so hard sometimes and you keep hoping someone will come up with a great suggestion/possible angle that will allow your work to live up to the hype. Or maybe you just won’t be able to find one that’s as great as you imagined.

Plus Size Scarlet Black silver Flapper Dress with sleeves Slip
The thrill of writing a great script / screenplay. So you’ve learned a new skill and now you want to share it with people. As I said before I’m obsessed with trying out scripts to get better. I know the writers I want to write with. But one of the things I always have a tough time doing is pitching/writing scripts because it feels like someone else is telling me what to do. There are so many great writers out there and you know that’s always a good sign. So I try to try to be present in the pitch. I read the outline (the synopsis you can read on any good blog) I think “this is an interesting idea! this is a good idea!” and then give them my version of it. It’s pretty simple really.

A good “to get started” video tutorial that I like. If you want to see what I do or know me personally I go to their website and watch their amazing

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