What is Gatsby dress? – 1920 Red Flapper Dress

(The Gatsbys)

Gatsby dress with buttons.

As I noted, Gatsby wore suits with a very wide collar and lapels, not like the standard, low-collar, button down with the collar rolled up. There are a few photos showing him wearing the top lapels of a suit. (Photo above) But in fact, he wore a rather low-collared jacket with a large button down, not the open lapels and front of the coat in the pictures. This is the jacket you see on the other side of the photograph:

And there is an exact matching jacket on the right (Photo below). Gatsby didn’t wear a jacket with a high collar, but like the jacket above, he wore a thin jacket, not a jacket with lapels at all.

If Gatsby did wear a jacket with button down – it was a long white blazer, with a large lapel button. (Photo above) But it’s a jacket only for a dinner date, not for the big day. (Photo below)

If Gatsby (or any other modern American) wore an open lapel jacket, as some do, it wouldn’t be a buttoned jacket. It would be a blazer, with a jacket cuff and lapels.

(The photo above) is the jacket in the same place as the one above. But it’s actually a dark and brown suit, with no top lapels. (Photo under center of photo)

If you know anything about Gatsby at all, you know he never wore his collar rolled up. No one would be talking about his collar rolled up in a magazine in 1887.

Here is Gatsby walking, on the left, in the New Yorker photo from June of 1886 where he is wearing a jacket with a top lapel and button, as shown below. (Photo below) Nowadays it is known as the Gatsby suit. But we could have that with an open lapel (as above) and a long white blazer, if Gatsby was still dressed in that way. But we see no such jacket from 1887.

Gatsby wearing a blazer with a high collar. This photo isn’t of him wearing a jacket with a button because he wore a jacket that was already buttoned in the photograph on the right, below.

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