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How much money did the flapper dress cost?

At least $9,000 (and perhaps $40,000 or $60,000).

Did the dress have any religious significance? What about other flapper dresses?

No. If any dress were so religious that people would buy it, it’s the flapper dress. The flapper dress has a religious significance that no other kind of dress does.

What kind of woman had it?

One whose dress gave her the feeling that she, like Cinderella, was destined for a life of luxury and wealth.

Who would wear it most?

The ladies of the upper and middle classes.

Who would get it?

Fashionable women of European and American ancestry with a sense of their privilege.

What is the closest we get to an official record of the price of the flapper dress?

A letter written by a customer of the store to show that he liked the look of the dress. (We see no record of such a letter in the original history, so the letter cannot be used to show whether the dress was sold for its actual value or for the advertised price.) This letter, probably written and printed by a store employee, was signed: “Alice P.S. (Burgundy),” and read as follows:

“My daughter, “The dress I will make you.” We had to get it done very well, you know, with great care, as well as the dresses that I usually make, you know, very quickly, and this one is no exception. I wish you all a happy and safe journey, and I wish you good health and prosperity.”

What was it like?

In the spring of 1848, the flapper dress’s fashion of the day was all about flowing white satin waistcoats, loose black coats and a skirt that was sometimes a little too long. The dress consisted of a high neck ribbon and a large lace waistband. The flapper dress had a black lace waistband that was often longer than its length, just long enough to hang loosely (and then tuck in), but always a few inches below the waist. Its upper edge was usually cut in a high ponytail, and its edge lace was always tight against the bottom of the dress so the skirt did not ride up. The hem of the dress had a flat, black edge, which was very much like a slit

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