What year was the flapper dress? – Fringe Style Black 1920 Flapper Dress


What is a modern flapper dress?

A modern flapper is the “modern flop” in contrast to the traditional flapper dress. The traditional flapper dress is a traditional dress that originated in the 18th century; however, today’s modern flapper dress is the result of the work of fashion designers in the 1960s and 1970s. The modern flapper dress has changed more than just the shape, it has also increased the style over the years. Today, flapper dresses have the added benefit of being relatively lightweight and comfortable. In the 1960’s the traditional flapper dress was simply a simple dress that was a fashion statement, no more than an attempt to find beauty in every possible shape and size.

If you were to ask 10 women the difference between the traditional flapper dress that is commonly pictured on our site and the modern flapper dress then we would get 20 different answers, I’m sure. But there are more similarities than differences; the modern flapper dress is worn in many different shapes, sizes, fabrics, materials and even styles; with even the same designer creating two very different designs. These are not simply variations on a traditional style.

It may look like a straight line, it may look more like a long train with a low neckline (sometimes called a v-back), it may have a slimmer skirt, or it may have a longer skirt.

Here’s the deal; the modern flapper dress is not just another variation on the traditional flapper dress for the everyday woman. It’s one of the most stylish alternatives available today. Many contemporary women believe that flapper dresses have no style or are un-fashionable. However, it is true that many flapper dresses will not be able to pass your tasteful casual fashion judgement. If you want to be dressed for a night out, or maybe even for formal occasions, then the modern flapper dress is definitely one of the styles you have to consider.

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