How long should I nap for? – Australian Horse Racing Results And Dividends

Naps shouldn’t be over-exerted. If you nap too long you may wake yourself up, and if you’re feeling sleepy, you’d best wake up immediately.

If you have a chronic pain problem, it’s recommended you sleep eight to nine hours daily.

Some people sleep for eight hours, some for nine.

If you tend to get sleepy, find out what’s causing it to happen, and if it’s too early or too late then you’re best off napping for about two hours, or a bit longer if you’re more sensitive.

How can I sleep easier?

Naps can be done sitting down, on the floor or on your belly, so long as you can comfortably lie on your back and keep it up. A good way to make the best of this is to take out your phone when sleeping.

You can also put the phone down in the bathroom or somewhere warm as you fall asleep. A good way you can still wake up is to have a warm drink or a coffee for the first half of your nap.

If you can only see part of your hand when your nap starts, you’re unlikely to go to sleep without an alarm sounding or the alarm going off. In many cases your brain has to work harder to process something when you’re not seeing your limbs clearly. It’s probably not worth it.

If you’re tired, consider having your alarm clock set to a light-on time, so you can get up without waking yourself up (it helps to take a break from your morning tasks, such as getting groceries, before bed), unless it’s been a particularly good night or you have a particularly long nap already. If it hasn’t started yet, you should wake it up before you feel the urge to go back to bed.

Some people need to stretch their eyes just after they fall asleep so they’re able to see.

If you’re prone to napping, it’s advised to start with three hours, and slowly work up from there. When done at this level, you’re likely to see some improvement, although you might still feel sleepy, and perhaps even yawn.

If your body gets tired and starts to slow you down, your body is better off sleeping at this level for more than eight hours straight.

Naps are also a good way to reduce your chances of having a falling asleep disorder as you nap. If you have problems falling asleep that you’ve been unable

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