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At 8.18m (26-9lbs) the average jockey will fall well short of the world record of 9.18m (28.-1lbs). The jockey is in fact shorter than most of the world and he would need to carry around more than 9kg (19,7lbs).

The average height of the best jockeys of the past centuries has ranged between 9.1m and 10.0m in height. This is the largest set of records by far and is still contested.

Is it important that the jockey wear a helmet?

No, jockeys have been known to lose their heads in racing for no reason other than to have fun. There is no scientific basis to recommend wearing a helmet and other jockey helmets are banned in many of the world’s races, and in many of the world’s championships.

How does the shoe weigh?

It is usually a lot less than 10lbs and often more. Some jockeys carry so much weight that their shoes become unstable.

How big are the horses?

A 10,000-pound stallion (usually a bull, although other types of horses can weigh in at 7,000 pounds) is over 10 metres long, weighs between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds, and has the same power output as a human could generate with only six seconds of vigorous exercise. On average most jockeys weigh around 5,000 pounds!

Can jocks ever win a World Cup?

Yes, for the most part jockeys will be judged before a race starts. If a jockey wins a race they will receive a cash prize of up to £5,000. The most impressive jockeys who perform the best often have large purses. Some jockeys in the 1990s won a race costing a record fee of £3,500 for their best time in a World Cup race.

Can you ride some of the horses that are on TV?

Yes, and there are some amazing ones to be had. Just check out Channel 4’s Animal Planet programme with the show The Horses and other shows on animal shows including The Stables and the Big Top, The Biggest Loser show, Aussie TV’s The Jungle Time, RSPCA Animal Rescue, Biggest Loser in the UK, The Show and the Biggest Challenge.

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