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In a way, it’s a bit like “What does going mean in a race?” That’s the kind of question we want to have for the whole show, and it will have plenty of them. There is a very important thing that you can’t say enough about the horses. It’s the kind of a question that can be answered from the very early stages in the process. The horse has been treated differently throughout its lifespan from the point they’re picked up and moved around from farm to farm. You start off by showing the rider the different types of horses, but also have to ask the rider to take some of the time to see all the other options that can be available.

The horse goes through a very important life process. They get to live in a stable where they’re trained to be the best horse ever, and then they start to go through all these types of breeding and training, for example, which takes a lot of time, a lot of care, and a lot of money. But the end result of this process is that the horse is an excellent champion. They’re not just a good racehorse. They’re the best that they can be. For those people, they will ride these amazing horse all the way to the end of the racing season in one of the most spectacular way possible — the best way.

You’re also involved in all the other things that go on. I know you’re not involved with the racing events, but you are a huge fan of this sport and the people involved. How important does it feel as a viewer of this show to be invested in the show’s development?

When we start up the first time, there is a lot of speculation about who these people are and what they’re doing with this show. There is a feeling on both the outside that we need to create an environment whereby they want to go forward. They are trying to get into the sport as an ambassador, and we’re trying to make them feel like they are a part of the story. We want them to see how amazing it is for them to go out on the track and be able to see what a true champion looks like, and in the same time, they are able to have a really good time riding it. This is something that people on the outside have been curious about for some time — that you can actually get paid to run in the world championship. You actually get paid to run in the world championship. It’s a truly amazing experience. It’s a lot

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