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The horse is the star of the show in the NBA – they do not want to be the lowest of the low or the fastest horse. So, to have a challenge for their horses to get to the top of three different distances, with the goal of winning, the trainer will use two or three times as much energy in training to accomplish the challenge. Then the challenge winner and champion will be crowned. That is why it is called a horse challenge.

Does it include other athletes?

Yes, but you have to be in the event that you were not competing in before. For example, someone who has not competed in a race for a few years can attend the event, but must still have been competing in races for the last 5 years.

Do I need to be a professional horse racing driver to participate?

No. An athlete might be attending a horse challenge to try his hand at racing. A professional racing driver will be involved in training and the event.

The New England Patriots won five postseason games last season, but all of them were against teams from the AFC Conference: the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers again, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. Only the Patriots lost one game outside of the AFC Conference.

As we approach AFC championship Sunday, the Patriots, the only team that has missed the playoffs since 2001, now have the opportunity to put themselves on that list once again. They host the Cincinnati Bengals, who missed the playoffs this season.

“They beat us,” said cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, who, in his second season as a Patriot, knows just how challenging it is to win at Heinz Field. “We know that we’re better than that. It’s hard. We know it’s really hard.”

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The Patriots had their best chance at winning the division last year, beating the Patriots’ AFC South division opponent, the Houston Texans, 31-10. They’re 0-3 this season, though, and just as they did last year, they’ve been hampered by injuries.

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