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The cheapest beginner guitar that you can buy is the Guitarmaster A1, which runs about £500. This guitar is well balanced, has an excellent acoustic tone and is reasonably comfortable. For a similar price you might want to consider the A6A or A7B, but the low price is mainly due to the low quality of materials used in materials like the Fender neck and body.

But for a beginner, you can get just about anything for a good price on Ebay. There’s a range of beginner guitars here from very cheap, with barely-used pickups, to well-known, low-cost brands such as the Lenny Beale guitar, which only cost £50 from eBay. You can also find a lot of bargain guitars by searching the Internet, ebay or your local guitar shops.

If you’re looking for an awesome beginner guitar to save money, then we definitely think you should pick the Fender Stratocaster because it’s a great starting point!

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