Is 17 too old to learn guitar? – Easiest Way To Learn Guitar Free

The age of a guitarist playing a given instrument is important and important to everyone. If you’re reading this, you’re probably either in your 20’s and have never played a guitar before, or you’re an experienced guitarist looking to expand your skill. Either way, my suggestion is to start off with guitar lessons if you’re under 18.

So, what is an age for guitar practice?

If you’re playing guitar on an hour a day and you’ve got an hour and twenty minutes to spend, then if you’re an 18-year-old you should start. If you only have five minutes, though, or you’re taking over a guitar that was bought on a budget, then 18-year-old is the upper limit.

You need to make sure you’re getting sufficient practice time. I find that a simple 30-minute workout can be enough to get you to where you need to be. So, 30 minutes is good, but in my experience you should spend five minutes at a time. So I recommend getting 30 minutes of practice time, in 30 minute portions, during your workout on an hour a day basis. If you have a regular gym schedule you could do that during your lunch break. If you’re not able to do that, then try doing a half hour of music in 45 minute segments.

Okay, so what can I do to prevent injuries?

This is a bit of an ongoing debate and it comes down to many factors. There’s the fact that all guitar players are different, but your age should factor into your injury risk assessment and risk management, so always double check with your doctor if you’re over 18. I would also recommend that you never skip practice, as a new guitarist will have to work much harder than an experienced player. If they’re working too hard, that would mean the band can’t practice, so that’s why they don’t do them.

If they’re doing them, though, you’re looking at a very significant risk. Here are some suggestions for keeping injuries to a minimum:

Keep a guitar in the set up when you’re off. If you have it there you don’t need to go out and buy another one.

If you have it there you don’t need to go out and buy another one. Keep your guitar near you when you can. It doesn’t get much worse than being near an instrument you can break and break and break. The key is to keep your instrument close.

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