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My wife is going to tell me I’ve got to do this and that thing with her. When I come home drunk she’s going to kick me in head until I’m dead or I’m no longer her husband (Laughs).

How do you feel about your character on the show?

I feel like I’m the best-dressed one out of them. I look like an A list Hollywood actor. I just feel like I’m the one who’s the least polished but I feel like I’m the one who’s most well-oiled and is the best-at everything … I just like to mess with people.

Do you think Alexa is a good person?

In a good way. I think she’s a little weird, I don’t want to say crazy. But she’s probably got a little bit of a point … it’s just my opinion. But I can’t imagine someone doing the things she’s done and never coming back and hurting anyone.

About “Merry Christmas”

This is the one and only track on J. Cole’s latest mixtape. He raps over a Christmas song with Kanye West (or is Kanye talking back?) and it’s a surprisingly catchy and chill track that also serves as a little extra punch in the punchline. “Merry Christmas” is also a perfect example of not only what Cole can say lyrically, but how his production and the beat really comes together.

The first official image of the “The Hunger Games” series has revealed the first character that will be portrayed by Natalie Portman. The 21-year-old star of “Portman” and “Fahrenheit 9/11” will be the character of “Ezra,” which is the name of a character who is shown in the film to be the leader of the Capitol’s Resistance. As the name suggests, he has become an expert and expert gunslinger and he is seen firing a weapon near the climax of the film.

Natalie Portman will play Ezra in the new #TheHungerGames — Variety (@Variety) May 25, 2014

Read the rest of the first images below:

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The following is an unedited retelling of this episode by J. Scott Armstrong.

Trevor Noah is on an “uncontrollable rage” at Fox News after a segment

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