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I mean, in terms of the amount of people who listen to music, who create and perform it and produce songs in a specific way? I mean how would “no rules” be defined if it weren’t so specific? But the point is: The internet has changed all that, with artists now being able to reach a massive base of audiences, including non-musicians in ways that we have never experienced before.
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What made you choose “no rules”?

So the answer is that when I had this idea, I knew it was one of those ideas where it would be pretty easy for someone to try to take it apart. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it wasn’t about rules – it was an idea about freedom.

I didn’t know what a “no rules” album would be like, because, well I’m not a music journalist – I think there are rules in music anyway. But it also wasn’t like I was thinking I would try to make a record that had no rules.

What was the decision process like for writing the final track “No Rules” and what did you think of the song during its writing process?

I don’t remember writing the lyrics with the intention of taking them apart, I just don’t recall writing them. It would just be me and my brother in the bedroom. We would sit there and write songs and I would sing, and he would sing and we’d try to improvise from it so to speak. I think it had a sort of vibe to it. There were a couple of other people involved in it at the time but I think we actually had a little bit of independence and freedom, so I think that’s the best way anyone can describe it.

So how is “No Rules” different to the other records on this summer’s Waking the Fallen album?

I feel like I am in a bit of limbo right now. I feel like I am the last one of Waking the Fallen to ever be able to make a record. It is pretty weird. When I left the band, it was a feeling about the end, that that was the end, but now, after I came back, it has become a feeling of “Oh, it’s been pretty good.” And I think in some ways that is because I’ve been doing this for so long, and it’s kind of like you kind of get out and look around and find things to do, so to hear everything has just been overwhelming.

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