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Because if it was for your mother, you’re in deep shit. — Lil B (@LILBTHEKITT) October 14, 2014

While he did say this on stage about an hour before he released his new mixtape, “I’m the Future,” I’ll say he did make light of it and the possibility of his mother’s mental illness. He said, “If you have a mother with mental health problems, like, y’all got to make sure she don’t do crazy shit like she did me” which makes sense, considering the fact a lot of hip hop fans and rappers who may have considered Lil B mentally ill are still in the rap game so it’s nice to at least hear his perspective.

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A day after Colorado State football coach Mike Bobo expressed his disappointment in the NCAA’s decision not to strip the school of its football championship, two other members of the Big Sky Conference expressed their disappointment after seeing the results of the postseason.

CSU received an automatic bid to the 2017 Fiesta Bowl and was one of six schools to participate in the conference championship. It was announced on Wednesday that the league would not ban football until at least next March with a committee taking on enforcement after being given a three-year timeline.

A week after Bobo’s public comment, TCU coach Gary Patterson echoed Bobo and expressed his disappointment with the decision. Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, the other member of the Big Sky, expressed his disappointment at the outcome of the weekend’s games.

“I think a lot of people would just like to see this go away and that to me is disappointing,” Kingsbury said. “This is another team’s loss. That’s what was lost here. You can go to the NCAA and say ‘well we’re going to do it this way because we got one’. But I think we’ve got a process for one reason and one reason only, we have to have something else that goes into place or we’re going to be punished. That’s what it’s going to take.

“I wish I was in charge of something, but I’m not. It’s not easy. You’re trying to run a team and manage a program and it’s really hard.”

CSU also lost to Kansas State and Oklahoma and suffered its first-ever defeat on the road. The Rams scored just eight points in the final quarter and the loss was the result of

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