Is Suga fastest rapper in the world? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rap Moves Beginners Running

Suga: No, he’s not the fastest one in the world.

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What about the world’s biggest hip-hop stars?

Nas: I’ve never heard Nas and I’m not that familiar. [But] Jay Z is faster than I am. I’m not surprised. But I still haven’t spoken to him.

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Your first album, Illmatic was the first of the New York-based rappers to receive widespread commercial release — where are some of the records that most put you at ease?
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Nas: You see it with [Drake’s] If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. It’s like being born at a time when no one was even thinking about this genre being mainstream. So everyone was into this and nobody cared about the sales — the most important part about that time. When I was at school, it was more about selling records and being in a club, in terms of the mainstream. I remember the first hip-hop label, Bad Boy, and I had to do a verse for them, and he had his manager put me on. I wasn’t the first one to do a verse for a rap label, but a year later they had put me on one. The second time I came to New York it was also a hip-hop record.

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Is that how it is for you guys, with the exception of a few?

Nas: No, but I remember at the time I would like to use that as an example. Now it’s all about the money. The first time I did a record on a label was a B-Side for The Red Album [which had a major-label deal at the time]. The next time, I did a song for a major label. I’m happy with the amount of sales, but my music is more focused and I feel like it has more impact on the culture than some of my peers.

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You just took a trip to South Korea to perform at a concert on “Songs for the Young People, Vol. 1.” How do you prepare for that? And did you hear this story about a guy named Seong Joo-hyun who has a band with his own personal theme tune?

Nas: I thought he was a lot older. But I found out later he had been

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