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Let’s break that down. There is 1 bar in every rap song. That’s 4 bars. The first two bars are where you start writing the lyrics on the guitar. The third is when the beat drops out in the third beat of the song. Each fourth bar is when any of the other instruments are added in. Think of those four raps as the words to the rap.

So, what is the next four bars?

So, the next 4 bars are the ones that you write. Think of the words to this next four bars as the lines to the rap track. It’s like you’re writing your lyrics to your own song. Think of these lines as the verses of the rap track. Think of the 4 raps as the songs that make up your song.

What is the song?

The song is the last 4 bars of every rap song. Think of the songs as being a whole. Each bars of a rap song has 3 parts and each part goes in order.

Let’s break it down:

Bar 1 – the intro

Bar 2 – it’s the 1st 5 bars

Bar 3 – it’s the 3rd 5 bars

Bar 4 – it’s the 4th 5 bars
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How can I do an intro?

If you want to make an intro yourself (i.e., by yourself or with a beat) then we’ve got some good tips for you. Here are a few tips for that:

First get a beat. We all know that a good beat is essential to get an authentic R&B to rap sound.

Try using an older, less used track. You can do an intro with a less beat than you remember, but it’s still a good start.

Try doing a variation on a song or just do an intro. If you want to take it to the next level, you can do this:

1) Take a drum beat and add a bass line.

2) Take a guitar chord or 3 chords and change them to a bass line.

3) Use the chords to open the beat (1) and end the beat (2), instead of using all 4 chords.

4) Try taking the song in a more classic R&B sound.

5) Mix it up and add some hip-hop to make the beat even more memorable.

6) Try to mimic real music, the beat, and

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