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The two most popular rap acronyms used today are MC (pronounced, “my mama”) and NWA (pronounced, “My Niggaz”), although as with most acronyms, they are interchangeable.

NWA was formed in 1984 by the members of the New York-based rap group Big Daddy Kane (the group’s name had no significance). Big Daddy Kane, a member of the group, was convicted, in part, in connection with a 1993 assassination attempt on then New York City Mayor Jean Quan, which he denied as a hoax the following year. During the rap collective’s first year they released an album titled The Motto.

The New York-based rapper, NWA, also had an associate, MC Ren (pronounced, “rae” — “ren” means ‘raiser’ and denotes a high ranking person in a group). The two men worked together and are credited as the co-founders of hip hop’s most celebrated organization, NWA.

According to Wikipedia, NWA is a “fiercely political hip hop group. Members of NWA were accused, among other things, of assassinating the mayor of New York in 1993 and of conspiring to kill President George Washington in the 1800s; these claims were largely disproven due to the arrest of both of their members in the 1994 shooting death of a man named Rodney King.”

While the exact details of the group’s origins are no known, the group was formed in the wake of the assassination of President Ronald Reagan.

Some of the most prominent NWA releases include 1999’s “Nigga With a Pipe”, “Gangsta’s Paradise” (1993), “My Time” (1994) and “Black on the Run”, (1997). Although the group was considered a political group by some at the time of its beginnings, their lyrics would go on to criticize the United States government more and more in the years that followed.

In addition to NWA, Big Daddy Kane contributed to hip hop with several other notable projects including the 1988 album “Rapper’s Delight”. In 1998 and 1999, NWA was featured on the album “Pimp C”, a collaboration between Biggie Smalls and Eminem which was not meant to be taken seriously. (Some critics even claimed that it was intended to represent NWA.) In 1999, Biggie Smalls and Eminem met and recorded a demo of an album that would later become “My Generation”.


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