What word rhymes with cat? – How To Freestyle Rap

(Answer given by each guest)

A: “Cat”

B: “Tiger”! (Answer given by each guest as they answer the question)

The following is a list of items that make good gifts for Mitzi, who likes Flashy, orange items and dislikes Basic items.

Best Gifts for Mitzi: Flashy, orange items
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The following items have Mitzi’s favorite style and color.

Name Type Name Color 1 Color 2 aviator dress top blue white blue tartan shirt top yellow orange blue tartan tee top yellow orange blue-grid tee top aqua sky-blue shirt top blue gray bright tee top yellow green chain-gang shirt top purple white chain-gang tee top purple white flan tank top beige aqua floral knit tee top green white floral knit tee top green white four-ball tee top orange beige jungle-camo shirt top green beige jungle-camo tee top green beige kiwi tank top green orange kiwi tee top green orange matador’s jacket top blue black ninja shirt top blue black painter’s shirt top purple white painter’s tee top purple white painter’s vest top purple white racer 6 tee top blue white school jacket top red white security tee top aqua white tacky sweater top white black team ntdo tee top red red two-ball tee top white black zipper tank top white black zipper tank top white black ab-rag top blue aqua acid wash tee top yellow blue ace of spades tee top yellow red blue plaid shirt top blue white blue tartan shirt top yellow orange blue tartan tee top yellow orange bone shirt top white black blue pj shirt top blue white blue-grid tee top aqua white coral tank top aqua white coral tee top aqua white crewel tee top green white dapper shirt top orange white dapper tee top orange white fish tee top yellow green fresh tank top green red fresh tee top green red hot dog tank top yellow purple ironed shirt top beige white kung-fu shirt top black black kung-fu tee top black black li’l bro’s tee top red white new spring tee top blue aqua new summer tee top red orange preppy shirt top aqua white red down tank top red white red flannel shirt top red white red letter jacket top red red red-bar shirt top red white red-bar tee top red white sno-cone tank top red white sno-cone tee top red white stone tank top yellow green

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