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Here’s the story of a hip-hop star who’s been a big threat to the Korean game since his debut: Jung-Yup

Lee Jae-Yun

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Lee Jae-Yun was known as a rapper before there was music — the youngest of two sons from a poor family, he recorded his first single under the name ‘Boys Day.’ But he didn’t let that get in his way of achieving a dream career, becoming known as one of the world’s youngest rappers. When the Korean hip-hop boom hit in 2004, young hop stars such as G-Dragon, J-Hope and BTS made waves in the game, and so Lee Jae-Yun, 24 at the time, was selected by a KKW radio station as a DJ there alongside K-Yun, a 23-year-old rapper he had met while on tour. With a career in hand, Lee Jae-Yun started rapping. He had the best songs, and a strong reputation with audiences and fans, but he needed funds and promotion to make it big. It worked — and when the world heard the song “A Beautiful Day” for the first time in 2006, Lee Jae-Yun became a star in K-pop. “I always wanted to dance around with my own style. I wanted a song where I had to move my hips in the same way I move in real life. It was my first taste of the K-pop world,” he says. It was the beginning of a career that’s brought Lee Jae-Yun to the top of his game. “I don’t know what my real dream is, or even if there is one. I just know I want to achieve as much as I possibly can,” he reflects.

Hana – ‘Breathe,’ a song that reflects the relationship between a woman and her partner, and it is one of only two tracks on Lee Jae-Yun’s album that were actually composed by the man himself.

G-Dragon, one-half of the rap duo G-Dragon & J-Hope, the duo that changed K-pop – says K-pop is a beautiful thing and Lee Jae-Yun is a big part of it. “Lee Jae-Yun is an idol artist,” he notes of Lee Jae-Yun’s influence on the K-pop scene. “K-pop and Hip Hop is an ever-changing art of expression, a perfect amalgamation of different genres.” He

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