Who is the best Korean rapper? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spinning Pokemon

And who is the hardest one to catch? Who is the most famous one or one of them? The top five Korean rappers would no doubt have their own list, but in my opinion, this is a more objective and more accurate list compared to the top ten. The list contains the best rapper, the most popular rapper and the best rapper of the year. If your favorite MC from Korea comes here with the worst hip hop album, it will end up being one of the worst on this list. It’s also interesting to note which MC has the best or the second best album of the year. It’ll be easier to see who the most influential or least influential rappers from Korea are on this list than the list of biggest rappers.

I wanted to know as much as I could and not give up until I got a definitive answer. After several months of trying, I finally got it. A few guys from my social circle put their heads together and came up with the following list. Check it out:

(Note: The names of some of the people from the top 10 were dropped to keep it easier to digest and not to give much more detail. I have listed their first names and first initial.)

1. 장성리 (Heum)

Heum is Korea’s most famous rapper. Even though many people who grew up in Korea had the wrong idea about him, Heum did a lot of really nice and memorable things. He was a part of the first k-pop group called 윤진메답어피. The group debuted in 1990, and Heum is considered the reason that it was possible. He also is known for having the most interesting music videos, for good reason: He didn’t have many on his first album.

2. 영레환 (Konkuk)

Konkuk is considered as the second best artist of K-pop. This is not even close to being an actual fact, but if you really think about it, even the other Korean artists that are more popular in Japan and Europe get ignored by people in Korea because they’re more mainstream, while Konkuk gets the best of all. He has a huge popularity, a huge following, and even some great albums. But if you ask anybody from his generation about their favorite album, Konkuk will never be the first answer. I think that’s very true.

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