Who is the best rapper in the world? – How To Rhyme Rap

[The rapper] beats with [the best rapper, the best group, the best songwriter] but I’m the best that you [listen to] [listen to] [listen to] him. So what I love when I play live, it’s like, yeah, this guy actually says he sounds more like me than other people. The other [people] like his beats but they say he’s playing too much hip-hop, that he’s just a guy playing this beat. But he actually says that I’m playing him beats that he probably doesn’t listen to.

So, who is the best rapper and why?

You’ve got to get in an argument with Eminem. He says, “Well, I heard all these people say I’m [selling] too many records,” so I’m like, okay, I’m selling 2.2 million albums, I’m selling 3 million, I’m doing great. So do I sell those records or you?

I think it’s like, for a record label, like Eminem’s label, they’re like, “Well, he sells the albums but he doesn’t [earn] good money,” so they’ll cut the record and send it, “OK, he gets the money, but he should actually get the artist involved and make something cool for him.” It’s like, all over the world. It’s the only thing [that] they do all day, every day. They’re like, “Yeah, well, this dude made $2 million last month, but did we ever spend $2 million on [him], to be honest?” Because then it will feel like they did more than that.

What’s the most important record I’m gonna hear this year?

This is going to sound like a lame question, but I don’t know where this is gonna go, but I think I’m gonna be able to come up with a good answer. [I’m] gonna tell you I love BeyoncĂ©’s album, I love a lot of Eminem record, and I love Future because it sounds as good as anything. [I’m] gonna pick my favorite song of 2016.

“Coffee” by Drake

You know this song. It takes a long time to come in, but it came out very soon. It actually came out so quick, in the [last] four years. It is very [tight. I love it on the beat]. The beat is so

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