Who is the first white rapper? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Soon Pictures

That’s a tough question, since there never was one. A guy named The Beatnuts wrote ‘White Boy’ and ‘White Boy Wanna Be Cool’ for a few years in the ’70s — but by the time they came out, they weren’t really any big deal. They just sort of did the same thing every few years, but they kept the ‘whiteboy-hood’ thing alive. As much as those things made sense to some people, it just didn’t do the thing it was supposed to be. I think people didn’t really connect with the whole ‘white boy,’ ‘whiteness,’ ‘white kid’ concept.”

“As soon as you started saying, ‘Let’s go talk to these kids. Let’s talk to this kid who grew up with a certain mentality that we can make him feel better by going on a rant about how he isn’t good enough to be in this club —’ that was the moment the whole thing fell apart,” continued Dizzee. “But I definitely see a trend of a lot of black rappers going out and doing music and then having a whole different set of goals. I could talk about that for days. As an example, a lot of black hip-hop artists are really talented, and they have a lot of good records out there, but they’re not doing as much of the music they love as much as they wanted them to… We just do music that we want to play live, and we don’t really have to think about having the highest charting album. It’s just about being that kid with the same mindset who isn’t able to do what society tells him he’s supposed to do. It’s about a kid who wants to live. I think that’s been what’s really happening with black music and just a whole generation of black folks becoming more authentic in their art and being less afraid to go out there and be themselves.”

Check out “Black Panther’s” “Wake Up” below, as well as listen to his music on iTunes and Spotify.

The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed all petitions challenging the National Green Tribunal’s order to stop construction of a 6,000-MW solar power project to bring down the state’s power tariff.

The apex court’s decision came on a plea of three NGOs, the Centre for Environmental Studies (CES), AASI and NGO Environmental Justice (NEG), which had sought a stay on the National Green Tribunal’s order.

In its order, the SC

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