Who is the hardest rapper? – Rock N Learn Addition And Subtraction Rap Full Movies

I have to go with Jay-Z, to tell you the truth, because it’s not like this is only for black people. Everybody needs to get that taste of how big the business is. Even white guys like Snoop got that taste on their tongues. We need to learn that we can’t just be just black, we need to also have some love for each other. You have to have respect for everybody. A rapper’s music is just a tool for you. It’s a tool for us to express ourselves to each other. I know that a lot of black people don’t understand that but it’s a fact.

A lot of people think that you’ve been a part of the ‘gangsta rap,’ but it’s not the same. I remember when you did your first album, and you took over with the song [Kush & the Juice, “Kitty Love”], you had these big chains and bags and you looked like a criminal — and not a particularly criminal kind of criminal. Do you think that’s still the way you look?

Honestly, I don’t think that is the way my style is. I think that it’s kind of natural, because I’m a real rapper and I just like the way I look and I like to be able to express myself in that fashion. I just don’t do anything that is too much, too crazy, too hip-hop. I go to a lot of places where I really don’t need to, like when I got on my last album, we went to Europe to do a song that was for people who were still in love with hip-hip (hip-hop). It’s a lot more mellow than how I usually rap. I like to be able to do that as well.

What’s your favorite TV show?

I love Breaking Bad, but I have to say The Shield, because that’s my favorite show of all time. You have to watch that show to see just how bad some guys are. That show really made you understand just what real men are like, you just had to see it.

I know you worked your way up the list of people that have helped you grow as a rapper. Why do you think that is?

It has to do with the fact that I was doing my best work when I was in high school because that’s where people were coming through the system to get their career started off. It was pretty hard for me to get to that place myself because it

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