Who is the world’s fastest rapper? – Rock N Learn Addition And Subtraction Rap Dvd Torrents

Here is this week’s chart.

1. Drake – “Hotline Bling” (The Weeknd Remix)

With over 5.7 million Spotify streams across both versions of the track, Drake will likely be the biggest name here despite the fact that the Remix actually only reached 1.7 million streams. Still, the song is pretty massive; with the video alone being responsible for 1.1 million streams and over 8 million views (a staggering figure by any standards). We’ve had some fun over the years comparing the two versions, like we did with “Hotline Bling” and what it took to become the fastest rapper? (the answer is pretty much a lot of different factors: good production, well-crafted raps, a good story, and maybe a tiny bit of luck.)

2. Lil Wayne – “T.I. Feat Lil Reese”

With over 3.7 million views with the remix and over 3 million streams with the original single, Lil Wayne has become a household name in a very short span of time. This song had a pretty special connection, as it came from an Eminem song originally. The original track was named ‘Lil Reese’ as a call from Eminem to the crew – who then chose to perform together in a live performance in the same place as the original song. A cool story, although there are some questions about the legality of putting your own name on material.

3. Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball (Remix)

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With 2.7 million views, the remix has been on the radio a lot of times, mostly because it gets people thinking about it when it comes out in late October. It may not be as well known as Drake has become, but it’s still a very cool track. And if it had any potential to get at least 1.5 million streams, we’d probably be here all week. If it’s the best Miley Cyrus track, it’s pretty damn good, and the original single was already a hit.

4. Kanye West – “Only One”

With over 3.2 million streams, “Only One” made people pay much more attention to Kanye West’s songwriting for the album. It also gave a taste of something more unique to what was to come from the new Jay-Z project. As the original song didn’t make it through the label filter, it was released to free download and became the unofficial hip-hop anthem (although not for long

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