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Well, I was in my late 20s when I was in New York at the time. I was on the East Coast. So it was a good time to see one of my favorite films, a film like “Goodbye to Language” which was a film that I was on the set of and it was a film that I thought was one of the most interesting films of its time. It was a great time because I was going to graduate from UC Irvine and I was hoping that my film School Day would be one of the films that would be the one that would get me the graduate degree I was looking for and the film that had a story that was really interesting.

I remember my parents got in touch with the studios to see if they could find someone to sign us up for Cat and Robbie. So that’s how I knew I had a film that I was going to make. That was it!

Did you ever think “I can’t do it, I can’t be this stupid”?

No, no, no. You know, when you’re in New York, you can’t do that because you’re always going to get phone calls, but it doesn’t really have any weight or impact on you unless you’re actually in New York or you’ve been in New York for some period of your life and you realize how wrong that is.

Because I live in Los Angeles, I think that the difference is that it’s such a beautiful city and so many people here enjoy the city so much. So for me it’s really hard, but I’ve tried. If anything, I try too. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s just that I know I can’t do it. I try to do a film and it doesn’t go exactly as I hoped or we wanted it to go but I think it’s because we tried really hard for it. We worked really hard for it. We really wanted it to be like it is.

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How did you approach the film making process?

The making of the film has been very easy. Everything is always very easy and it’s the way that I’m made. Because I’m someone who enjoys working. I’m not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination and I really enjoy working. I think it’s a natural thing within the group to be able to sit around and be around that and just to make movies and not really think about what a film is to me personally. I think you can

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