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You have to work for it. There’s a very small amount of actual muscle that you use. With a normal mouth, the tongue comes in toward your mouth in whatever position. And you hold the tongue in place, and then you move forward and backward, as you are saying things. And you want to do that with lips, to hold the tongue there. So there’s not actually much use for your teeth.

How much movement should a person get out of his or her mouth when speaking?

We do have different guidelines for different people. Some people have little to no movement. Most people should have some movement in their mouth. It depends on how they are going to respond at a particular word. For most people, if you are listening to a person, your eye will be on them, especially when they are talking about something. And so, people will need to be able to move it up and down, to look at them or make conversation with them.

How many teeth should a person have?

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