How puppets are made and operate? – Learn Fast Excel

We can see three different puppet types, the basic puppet, the hand puppet, and the leg puppet.

The basic puppet is what I call the mechanical puppet; those where you press a button so you can make puppets of it. The basic puppet has a little piece of rubber, that’s called a puppet plug, that makes the puppet work for you. It could be a rubber ball, like a rubber ball puppet that you sit on. Or it could be a thin, flat piece of plastic called a frame. And that puppet plug turns the puppet on. And that’s all it does. It’s not very sensitive to the human hand because the hand will just pick it up and move it around. But you can tell it what to do and what to do in the world, so that you can make a bunch of puppets and then tell them to do something. That’s one type of puppet.

Then you have the hand puppets. Those puppets are made into a big robot and then the puppets have a big hand and little rubber balls in it to help them move around. You can tell what to do and put them in a box and then they can just move around inside of the room and it goes on and on and on it goes. And then, the leg puppets. These guys are all puppets in their own right. If you want the head or the mouth or anything like that, you’ve got to start with a leg puppet. You can buy them. But if you want the head of the leg puppets, you have to spend the money and buy a puppet head from one of the large companies who do puppeteering because they’re the ones who take a lot of those big doll heads and make that into the puppets.

So in the mechanical puppet, or the standard mechanical puppet, I’m able to do some of the things you can’t do with a puppeteer, but I’d say I can’t do a really really really good job doing them either, because I don’t have the body mechanics to put them into a box like that. That’s also why in a way you would see mechanical puppeteers, they’re puppeteers because you’d have to have a body mechanic to put the puppets into a box. The hand puppet just can’t do that, because the hand doesn’t move. So you have a body mechanic that does all that work. The leg puppet does. You can’t have a leg puppet who just gets up

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