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Lincoln said he pays the following to entertain kids from across the country — or if he’s in a more rural area, someone who lives in his town.

The most expensive thing he sells is “Dolly Little — A Great American Story,” a $200 “puppet comedy” about the famous girl who was abducted and sold to live in a haunted house after she had lived her whole life in Kentucky, according to the website. Lincoln said he will always love and respect “Dolly Little” for “everything she’s done to protect people on Halloween.”

The most expensive “doll” Lincoln sells is “Dixie” a 2 1/2-foot sculpture of Dixie which “is so beautiful,” Lincoln said.

“We’re doing things just because this is the way we enjoy life.”

It has been a busy month in politics.

On May 22, the House passed H.R. 3328 – Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Extension Act of 2017. The act provides PSLF coverage of interest to all borrowers in the U.S. for their first three years of college who are no longer participating in the program. Under the previous law, student loans were forgiven only at the end of your third years at the school. This bill allows all graduates of accredited four-year, post-secondary institutions to be eligible for PSLF for a maximum of three years as of April 1, 2021. That means that any graduates enrolled in the PSLF program will be able to take advantage of the special interest on their loans, as well as other benefits, like reduced income-based repayment that most borrowers will qualify for under the new law.

In addition, the legislation also allows for the Secretary of Education to provide “bona fide guidance” to ensure that borrowers who take advantage of PSLF qualify for loan forgiveness based on income.

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The Senate has a companion bill, S. 2317, that would make the special interest on loan forgiveness temporary. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has promised that he will take up the bill in the early part of next year and hope that Democrats won’t filibuster it.

Both chambers could also pass companion bills that add provisions to the federal statute for PSLF that allow borrowers who use income-based repayment programs to qualify for the special interest exemption. While these two bills would amend the existing law, their passage could not undo the provisions of both the House and the

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