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Well, it has to be said that the sidearm is the preferred glove-side throwing motion, which is part of why we call it the “dual arm.” If you look at the motion in the videos, it seems that the first arm is “slidery,” and can be swung either “up” or “towards” the ball. While the sidearm is a “good” motion to throw, I would say that it does not belong in the field arsenal of all catchers and second basemen (that would be a switch-hitter).

What about throwing from a lefty? Again, it can be said that all lefty players need to become sidearmers or at the very least use the split-finger throw, or a modified throw. The issue lies in learning what it means to run, how to hit the ball, and how to hit the shortstop without missing, or breaking your bat in the process. It is also important to realize that a good sidearm hitter will have superior arm strength and mechanics. To understand this, it is important to start with a few fundamentals that are more important to hitters than just “throw from the right side.”

The righty arm is a good arm

When I say the right side and throw to the right, I am referring to the entire shoulder, the upper arm, and the forearm (not the elbow). This is also the position of the left hand and the palm. The arm should be straight, palm down, and straight forward from what we know about our arm muscles. The shoulder, which has muscle attachment to the elbow, should be up, not down and at a 45 degree angle like so:

There are two muscles that hold the shoulder in place, the external rotator and the internal rotator. In other words, the external rotator is the muscles located in the outer portion of the arm. The internal rotator is the muscle located in the inner portion of the arm about twice (or more) as large as the external rotator itself.

In addition to these two muscles, there is another muscle that acts as the stabilizer of the shoulder, the subscapularis. This is an extended arm muscle that holds the shoulder in place when you turn. When it contracts, the shoulder rests against the upper arm with a tightness in the muscle. It should actually be more comfortable to throw from the left side of the body than from the right side though because there is less slack

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