Can you teach yourself violin? – Easy Violin Notes For Amazing Grace

I’m still in touch with the original violin I learned at school. After a couple of years I realised that I didn’t want to play it anymore so I put the instrument down and bought a violin. When I got my first real opportunity, I immediately took that violin and I started learning.

What did you learn about music?

I learned music by ear and by looking at people’s faces. I learnt the basics, in terms of how to play a violin, how to hold it, how to breathe properly and how to put my mouth on the strings. I thought it will help my concentration.

How did you meet the other two musicians?

I had met them once before and I’d only talked to them once before, it felt so easy so I went over again and said “hi”. And after that, I knew about them.

What are your plans for the future?

Well, I want to get a job where I can help young people with their musical skills and learn more about a violin and how you play it and how you breathe properly when you play it. In that context, there’s the violin, there’s the piano and there’s also studying violin with me. My plan is to become a professional violin player so I can make my dream a reality.

Image credit: Michael O’Donnell


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