How can you tell if a violin is vintage? – Learn Piano For Kids Numbers 1-20

If it has an arrow of smoke on it. We use the term ‘old’ to describe one that is in poor condition. All violin violins look somewhat similar to this. The white ash and smoke give the instrument a vintage look. The violin will vary in length due to the string thickness, the wood material and the string gauge.

How is the violin made?

The violin is made by joining two parts on a machine. Pieces of wood are attached to a metal plate that is inserted in the centre of the violin. Once the instrument is fully assembled it is then covered in a thin layer of plaster and the whole thing is covered over with a thin layer of resin.

How much does the cost of the violin cost?

The cost of a violin varies depending on the wood used.

The wood used is generally fine French or English oak with maple, mahogany or ebony as well as a variety of other woods when found. Our instruments are hand made, and therefore cost less than those made by a machine.

The materials used are of the most appropriate quality, and cost less for a vintage instrument than modern violins. When we buy violin instruments it is often our intention to spend at least the equivalent of one fine viola in order to achieve the same sound quality and vintage value.

We do not charge VAT on any instruments except for purchases made by us at our studio or on orders placed online. We do not charge postage or handling.

Who are you?

We are a small international company based in the UK. As musicians, it is our aim to provide an excellent music for all to enjoy.

Do you offer any commissions?

Our prices are very competitive. Please let us know if you would like us to have any commissions applied to your order.

Who is your customer service?

We have a dedicated email address. Feel free to use it to discuss your questions and we will be happy to assist you.

I bought a Yamaha Violin online. Where can I get one repaired?

You can contact our customer service department for recommendations on whether repair services would be appropriate for your particular instrument. You will most likely be asked some general questions, along with details of the specific repairs you would like to have. You will not be able to have the repairs performed by a professional while they are working on your instrument because of the time and cost involved, as it would take too long and would risk the

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