Is Cello harder than piano? – Coursera Violin Course

Cello is harder than Piano, it’s been tried and tested and the best is still alive and well.

Does your Cello have a different weight on the strings?

There are some differences in the weight of the strings but they have a good reason. It’s what is called a “bouncer”, it will have a big impact on tuning accuracy at the lower end but not have an effect anywhere the higher end as strings are tuned by the finger on the fingerboard. There has been some suggestion in some online forums that maybe it might be worth taking out the Bucker for now while it’s still hot, and that might even be right. We will see.

Are you able to tune your Cello any more accurately than your Piano?

That’s impossible to do really, it depends on the quality of the body material you’ll be using such as solid or maple, and there are no guarantees on that. I think there are some in there as well now that do have it to some degree but it varies. I have tested a few over the years and I did the A-III with an Acoustic Piano body and an Electric Piano body, both with the same type of pickup. One used “A”. The other played in the octave. They did the exact same number of tones on both and had exactly the same tune, the only thing that was different was the placement of the pickups to prevent them from bumping into each other and the strings (the strings were from the same manufacturer from different pickups) would react differently. They both got about 90% of the tune. So it does happen, but it’s a rare occurrence, so it’s not as if it’s impossible to tune a Cello. I don’t think you can tune anything like you can with a Piano, and you don’t have to buy a really expensive setup to do it.

The Cello is so sensitive to changes in the strings’ tension and the overall tension inside of that body’s pickups that if you play it a little longer you will get different pitches and sounds. Some of the best is from playing it longer. It might sound like a C note. There’s lots of different tones, but if you play long enough the tones should come out pretty much the same. I played this at the piano for several minutes and then the notes of that tone were like C.

What kind of strings to buy?

There’s a lot of variables you can go off of when

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